When Is A Child Ready to Talk?

If you’ve followed my posts or podcasts over the last few years, you know that Johnny and I dramatically changed our lives and moved to a very small town in very rural Kentucky 3 years ago.
Those first two years, we pulled back and went into “semi” retirement and did not treat any children. It was what exactly what I needed to do to begin to get well, but at the same time, it was hard not seeing little friends and their sweet families every day.
Last year, the week after Thanksgiving, I started seeing one child, and then added another one in late spring, and then over the fall, we’ve added one after another. Now we’re serving a whole caseload of little ones since we’ve opened up our new mission-based clinic.
Being in a whole new place, you do start to wonder if your clinical experiences will be the same.
In some ways, my experiences are very different.
For one thing, here pediatricians are almost over-identifying kids at risk for autism for families with fewer resources and lower educational levels while they’re totally missing it in kids from families with more resources and education. Weird, right?
While I’ve always been blessed to work with truly wonderful families, this round is different in this next way too. I haven’t gotten any deer meat yet, but families here, even their extended families and friends, are extremely humble and tremendously grateful for how you can help them and their child. Whether I’m at Walmart, Durham’s (the local grocery store), or at church, I hear from complete strangers how thankful they are that I’m working with a family they know.
I appreciate that like I never have before.
But here’s what’s exactly the same…

The 11 prelinguistic skills that predict when a child will begin to talk.

No kidding… this system works!
It doesn’t matter if I’m evaluating a kid whose parents have flown them across the country to see me for a 5th opinion or if I’m right here in our new hometown—
These 11 skills do tell you which kids are on the verge of talking and which ones are going to need a lot more help to get there.
If you’re new to this list or my work, you may not know much about these 11 skills.
There are 11 days left in 2019 and before the end of the year, you will know!
Everyday I’ll be sending you a little information about these skills and getting you pointed in the right direction if that’s a skill your child (or a child you’re treating) needs to strengthen.
Later today you’ll get information about skill #1.
If you don’t want to wait, watch the FREE video below for an overview of all 11 skills.
Therapists, get 1 hour of CE credit for this podcast. See details here.
In the video, I reference my therapy manual Let’s Talk About Talking… on sale for $76 through the end of the year – then the price goes up to $84. If you’re thinking of getting this one anytime soon, now’s the time!



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