Not moving forward? Try taking a step back!

Not moving forward?  Try taking a step back! “I attended your course in St. Louis… I used the ...
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COVID Babies

Have you seen this study? Impact of the COVID-19 Pandemic on Early Child Cognitive Development: Initial Findings in ...
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Questions about Late Talking

Questions about Late Talking   Here’s the most common question I receive at about late talking from moms and ...
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Prelinguistic Skill #1 – Reacts to Events in the Environment… Toy List

Over the next couple of weeks, I’m going to review each of the 11 skills all toddlers master ...
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Supporting the Needs of Moms for Mother’s Day

As a pediatric speech-language pathologist, I've seen moms of babies and toddlers with developmental delays and disorders at ...
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I Need A Plan!

As speech-language pathologists and parents, when a toddler is not talking yet, we rush in to try to ...
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How to Play Peek-a-boo! Advice for Parents with Toddlers with Developmental Delays

GAMES FOR TODDLERS Playing peek-a-boo is a time-honored ritual between babies and parents. Many times parents of young ...
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Valentine’s Day Song for Toddlers

I have a great use for those heart-shaped boxes of Valentine’s Day candy – especially if you’re working ...
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Song of the Day for Valentine’s Day!

One of my favorite moms ever (a former preschool teacher) taught me this super cute song for Valentine's ...
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Cute Peer Activity for Valentine’s Day

I love this cute activity for Valentine's Day! It takes some prep time, but it's been worth it ...
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My Favorite Christmas Eve Tradition

If you've followed for a while now, you know that my kids are grown. (sniff, sniff) When ...
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 Are you thinking about Christmas activities for therapy? I'll be sharing all of those activities this month here ...
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HOPE…What Every Parent Wants

Every single parent you’ll encounter today, tomorrow, this week, and next year is looking for the SAME thing… ...
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Draw A Hand Turkey… A Toddler Favorite!

One of my favorite Thanksgiving memories as a little girl was tracing my hand on paper to draw ...
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ASHA CEU Course Teach

FREE Teach Me To Talk the DVD on YouTube

We have some exciting news! Today Johnny and I released our original DVD Teach Me To Talk on ...
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Perhaps You’ve Been Created for a Time Such as This

I know you're reading all kinds of things in the midst of this worldwide pandemic, so the fact ...
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Be Present… Always Your Best Strategy

Last night I was on a webinar for workers in my church's children's ministry, and the speaker said ...
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Easter Circle Time Activity

If you're working with small groups of toddlers and preschoolers, I'm sure you're always on the look out ...
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TONS of FUN for Less Than $5

Do you ever remember a therapy idea from years ago that you could kick yourself for forgetting??? That's ...
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Go For Joy!

The lesson I'm reinforcing with myself over and over again since opening our new mission-based clinic in central ...
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Heart Shaped Lacing Boards for Toddlers

In planning therapy for the next few weeks, I'm thinking about a couple of my little friends who ...
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When Is A Child Ready to Talk?

If you've followed my posts or podcasts over the last few years, you know that Johnny and I ...
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We Wish You a Merry Christmas… Toddler Style!

Last week one of the fabulous moms I'm working with taught me some new verses to "We Wish ...
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Do You Need REAL HELP?

Do you struggle to come up with what you should actually do during your time with a child ...
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