TONS of FUN for Less Than $5

punch balloon

Do you ever remember a therapy idea from years ago that you could kick yourself for forgetting???

That’s how I feel about these punch balloons!

They are always, always, always a big hit with 2, 3, and 4 years olds!

I use them everyday to work on the following goals/strategies:


  • Gross Motor Warm Up Activity to help kids regulate (settle down!) at the beginning of the session or whenever a child is too “busy” and needs a movement break before sitting down for the next activity. For active friends who crave body contact on surfaces, use the balloons like a yoga ball by bouncing and rolling a smaller child on them.


  • Social Engagement to help little sweeties learn to play WITH another person by throwing, catching, and kicking. Start by having the child throw/catch/kick with an adult. After that’s going well, try it with a friend to target peer interaction.


  • Expressive Language to target new verbs (action words) like throw, kick, punch, catch, bounce, roll and prepositions (location words) like up and down. For minimally verbal kids, start with words like “ball” or “mine” instead of balloon.


  • Requesting to have a child ask for the balloon or a turn. I like this with phrases like “more balloon.” If kids already know color words, try phrases like “blue balloon.”


If you can’t find these at a store, take the easy way and get them on Amazon – like I just did! 30 balloons for $8.59 – that’s a deal!




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