Perhaps You’ve Been Created for a Time Such as This


I know you’re reading all kinds of things in the midst of this worldwide pandemic, so the fact that you’ve clicked on this email or found this website to read these words is, in itself, amazing to me.

Thank you.

I so hope that you find what you’re looking for! My work is full of “how to’s” and very practical advice for parents and therapists who work with young children with language delays.

But right now the words I’m thinking of sharing have more to do with being a person, a mom, a wife, and just like you – one of God’s children placed on this earth during this specific moment in time – rather than with being a speech-language pathologist.

Last week, I remembered a verse that you’ve probably seen as you scrolled through Instagram or Pinterest…


Perhaps you were created for a time such as this. 


Have you thought about that?

It is not an accident that you’re here right now and in charge of whatever it is that you’re responsible for in this season of your life.

So if you’re feeling overwhelmed, confused, or downright scared, stop those thoughts.

Speak truth to yourself.

You were made for this. 

You were.

No matter what the fear says –  on TV, on the internet, or in your own mind – you are here right now on purpose.

You are chosen.


So go do whatever it is that you are supposed to be doing.

If you’re a mom, take care of your children.

If you’re a wife, take care of your husband.

If you’re a daughter, a sister, a friend, a neighbor, (or a therapist forced into telehealth!) whatever you are, right now, today, just do what you’re supposed to do.


While you’re doing it, be strong.

Make that shift, even if you don’t feel strong.

The biggest part of being strong (and wise!) is moving away from your own feelings and into action.


That’s my hope and prayer for you – that you’ll make the shift.

Very intentionally and purposefully.

Shift to strong.

Do what you’re supposed to be doing.




(The verse is Esther 4:14 if you want to read it for yourself!)










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