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Autism Workbook

Today I want to give you a sample from my newest treatment manual The Autism Workbook… Developing Speech Therapy Treatment Plans for Toddlers and Preschoolers with Red Flags for ASD.

In it, you’ll find 12 Focus Areas or “big picture” approaches that are evidence-based (meaning there’s research to support how effective they are) for treating children with autism. Each Focus Area (or chapter) begins with a one page summary to get you started. I’ve made it as easy as possible – for parents and therapists!

Here’s a copy of the summary sheet for Focus Area 1: Meet a Child Where He or She Is.

Focus Area 1 The Autism Workbook

This is such as important area to remember when we’re working with any child with a developmental difference –  but especially those with autism or red flags for autism.

We don’t begin treatment at the goal – that’s going to be too hard and we’ll all fail! We start with what they can already do and what they already like.

It’s a hard principle for lots of adults to grasp, but once you do, kids often make tremendous leaps because we’re beginning at the point where they can be successful. To find out more, order the book!

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