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Erica birthday 1

Covid-19 changed lots of things around here…

I still haven’t had the heart to correct the date plaquard in our lobby. How fitting was it that on the morning of March 18, the last day we were officially open, I inserted the 8 upside down?

No, we’re not seeing all the kids we used to see.


God is good.

And life goes on.

We added one special new friend along the way…

Meet Erica.

Adopted from China at 7, when she couldn’t walk or talk, she is doing a lot more than that now!

Chiefly spreading JOY and LIGHT wherever she goes.

Here she is turning 13 at a little birthday party in our office.

You read that right… 13! Thirteen is old for those of us who see itty bitty kids… almost geriatrics!

She’s working on speech and language skills well above where most kids I work with are. That’s been fun for this SLP too… as in remembering how to work on older developing sounds like /l/ and /r/ for saying “Laura!” My 2 and 3 year old friends call me any version of Laura and that’s perfectly okay with me, but for an older kid, we should try to get it right!

I’ve been her fill-in SLP off and on thru the pandemic, but mostly, we’re her friends.

That happened when she started squeezing herself right between Johnny and me at church. My efforts to coax her to sit on the other side of me never worked so I gave up! She likes to hold hands with both of us as we sing.

I can’t tell you what that’s meant to us.

An unexpected treasure during this unpredictable season.

But that’s the point.


God can provide that anytime, anywhere.

But sometimes, you have to look for it!


P. S. We adore Erica’s parents too!





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