7 Signs of Autism in Toddlers and Preschoolers

7 Signs of Autism in Toddlers Today I want to share 7 signs of autism in toddlers. Watch ...
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Valentine’s Day Song for Toddlers

I have a great use for those heart-shaped boxes of Valentine’s Day candy – especially if you’re working ...
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Song of the Day for Valentine’s Day!

One of my favorite moms ever (a former preschool teacher) taught me this super cute song for Valentine's ...
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Cute Peer Activity for Valentine’s Day

I love this cute activity for Valentine's Day! It takes some prep time, but it's been worth it ...
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My Favorite Christmas Eve Tradition

If you've followed teachmetotalk.com for a while now, you know that my kids are grown. (sniff, sniff) When ...
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Up at Night Worrying?

Are you working with a child – maybe your own - who keeps you up at night? Tossing ...
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#270 5 Things You Can Learn About a Toddler with a Wind Up Toy

I love wind up toys! How about you? (Scroll down for links to my favorite wind up toys.) ...
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Christmas Puzzle…Therapy Tip of the Week…12.7.16

Christmas Speech Therapy Ideas for Toddlers Every year I try to add one or two new Christmas-themed toys ...
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 Are you thinking about Christmas activities for therapy? I'll be sharing all of those activities this month here ...
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HOPE…What Every Parent Wants

Every single parent you’ll encounter today, tomorrow, this week, and next year is looking for the SAME thing… ...
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Draw A Hand Turkey… A Toddler Favorite!

One of my favorite Thanksgiving memories as a little girl was tracing my hand on paper to draw ...
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ASHA CEU Course #403

Questions About Social Games

  Yesterday I received these great questions from a new SLP about podcast #403 Teach Social Games First. I started ...
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Still Going for Joy!

Covid-19 changed lots of things around here... I still haven't had the heart to correct the date plaquard ...
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Need Some Help?

What do you do when you're not sure what to do in your therapy time with a child ...
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Autism Workbook

Meet A Child Where He Is

Today I want to give you a sample from my newest treatment manual The Autism Workbook... Developing Speech ...
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Simple Ideas

Don't you love simple ideas? Me too! Actually, most of us do! That's why I included a page ...
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ASHA CEU Course #390

#390 Prelinguistic Skill #5 Joint Attention

Podcast #390 ASHA course # 0390, Provider Code AAYF Join pediatric speech-language pathologist Laura Mize, M.S., CCC-SLP as ...
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It’s a Special Day at teachmetotalk.com!

Today is a very special day. Our daughter, Macy, is graduating from the University of Kentucky with her ...
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ASHA CEU Course Teach

FREE Teach Me To Talk the DVD on YouTube

We have some exciting news! Today Johnny and I released our original DVD Teach Me To Talk on ...
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11 Skills Podcast Series… CE Credit Available

Over the last several months, I completed a podcast series on YouTube with the 11 prelinguistic skills toddlers master ...
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