“Is It Autism?” Course on DVD… Now Shipping

"Is It Autism?" Recognizing and Treating Toddlers and Preschoolers with Red Flags for Autism   Whenever I ask ...
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#1 Best Seller on Kindle!

Today I logged in to find out that the new book I released yesterday is a #1 Best ...
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Is It Autism? Helping Parents of Toddlers Understand Autism

I'm so happy to announce the release of my latest book... Is It Autism? Helping Parents of Toddlers ...
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ABA Lesson #5 – Balance Your Ratio of Mastered Skills to New Skills

Balance your ratio of mastered skills to new skills.  This lesson came to me about fifteen years ago ...
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My ABA Confessions Continued… Lesson #2… TIME Matters!

A few days ago, I started a 'confessional' post that explores ways that I, a professed Floortimer, am ...
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So… About ABA…Confessions from an SLP

As far as overall treatment philosophies go, I've always considered myself more in the “Floortime” camp than an ...
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Joint Attention in Babies and Toddlers

In a post last week, I mentioned that I've been assessing typically developing babies as I participate in ...
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“Will She EVER Talk?” Questions from a mom with twins with autism

Tonight I received this email from a mom desperate for advice. I've omitted her name, her children's names, ...
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Parents Make the Difference in the Treatment of Toddlers with Autism

Parents Make the Difference in the Treatment of Toddlers with Autism If you're a regular reader of this ...
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Autism Statistics in Toddlers…What This Means for EI SLPs

This afternoon I'm reading a transcript of an ASHA podcast and came across this statistic about autism which ...
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