What About Negative Behaviors?

WHAT ABOUT NEGATIVE BEHAVIORS? (from The Autism Workbook) So many therapists and parents reach out to me for solutions ...
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No TV, Even for Me!

This summer I've done some serious soul searching about how I'm spending my time. One of the things ...
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“Are You Listening?” Developing Attention in Toddlers

Before we can change a child, we often have to change ourselves first! This means that we’ll adjust ...
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Making the Connection Between “Busy” and Late Talking

Making the Connection Between “Busy” and Late Talking It’s so easy to dismiss a toddler’s distractedness and busyness, ...
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The Beauty of Distraction and Redirection… Ways to Address a Toddler’s (Potential) Misbehavior

Lately I've been writing a lot about Fight, Flight, or Freeze and strategies to help a toddler who is overstimulated. Most of ...
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