Start Here for Help!

  As speech-language pathologists and parents, when a toddler is not talking yet, we rush in to try ...
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3 Major Cognitive Milestones and How They Relate to Language Development

If I asked you to name the three major cognitive milestones we see babies and toddlers acquire just before ...
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Using Visual Supports with Late Talkers with Visual Strengths

One of the lessons I've learned about working with late talkers is to use their learning preferences to ...
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Child Not Talking? Teach a Child to Imitate

Learning to imitate sounds and words is a critical skill in a child's quest to become verbal. Many children ...
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Language Delay? Understanding Communication Skills for Parents

As a pediatric speech-language pathologist, I often get referral information for a child with the primary concern listed ...
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How To Prompt a Child to Talk by Initiating

This week I've fielded the same question from a few families and therapists who have emailed me about ...
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Treating Trauma in Toddlers with Language Delays/Disorders

Last week I shared some information about Adverse Childhood Experiences or ACEs. If you missed that, read it here. To ...
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Book List for Making Books Better #417

In my podcast #417 Making Books Better for Late Talking Toddlers (18 to 36 months), I demonstrated strategies ...
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Up at Night Worrying?

  Are you working with a child – maybe your own - who keeps you up at night? ...
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Still Going for Joy!

Covid-19 changed lots of things around here... I still haven't had the heart to correct the date plaquard ...
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“Watch me!” Not Just for Kids

When we're working with children, one thing we often say is "Watch me!" Then we perform whatever skill ...
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