Resistance to AAC

Are you using visual supports (or even other kinds of supplemental expressive language systems like signs or PECS) ...
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We Wish You a Merry Christmas… Toddler Style!

Last week one of the fabulous moms I'm working with taught me some new verses to "We Wish ...
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Teach Me To Play WITH You

Therapy Manual Combo Pack SPECIAL

I have a deal for you if you're a pediatric SLP (or a committed mom or dad)! When you ...
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CHART 11 Skills Toddlers Master Before Words Emerge from Let’s Talk About Talking

GET THE PASSWORD BY SUBSCRIBING TO MY EMAIL LIST! To subscribe, click the RED subscribe button in the ...
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Ideas for Kids Who Are Talking But Still Clinging to a Favorite Sign

Do you have any kids on your caseload (or in your own house!) who hang on to a ...
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Tips for Teaching Prepositions/Location Words

Between 12 and 24 months a child with typically developing language learns to understand some early prepositions or location ...
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Learning to Make Noise

None of us can talk unless we know how to produce sound purposefully! Some babies are extremely quiet ...
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Prompting Hierarchy for Late Talkers

This week I've fielded the same question from a few families and therapists who have emailed me about ...
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TEACH A CHILD TO IMITATE WORDS USING SNACKS    If you’re the kind of person who likes detailed ...
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Car Games for Toddlers…Part 2! Make the Most of Your Commute for Late Talkers

In my last post about car games for late talking toddlers, I shared ways to get sound games ...
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Car Games for Late Talkers…Great Ways to Maximize Your Commute with Your Late Talker

Moms of late talkers frequently email me some version of this question... "We spend lots of time in ...
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Today’s Tip for Late Talkers…. Don’t Focus on Words…Use Play Sounds!

Yesterday I started a series about the biggest regret that parents of late talkers share with me. The ...
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Biggest Regret Parents of Late Talkers Share

Every day I hear from parents of toddlers with language delays who share with me their biggest regret... ...
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CALLING GAME…Tips for Helping a Child Learn to Call People by Name

Tips for Helping a Child Learn to Use Names A mom recently asked me for suggestions for teaching ...
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“This” and “That” Kids…Strategies for Reducing Non-Specific Vocabulary in Late Talkers

Reducing Non-Specific Vocabulary in Late Talkers Yesterday I received this email from an SLP who asked a question ...
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Gestures Predict First Words

Have you ever wondered if a child is “just a late talker” or if there’s a larger problem? ...
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#286 – 11 Skills Toddlers Use Before Words Emerge – #8 Vocalizes Purposefully

HELP A LATE TALKER LEARN TO VOCALIZE We're continuing our series with the 11 skills toddlers must master ...
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Tried and True Methods for Helping a Late Talker Use More Words

Tried and True Methods for Helping a Late Talker Use More Words Today I received an email from ...
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Not moving forward? Try taking a step back!

Not moving forward?  Try taking a step back! “I attended your course in St. Louis… I used the ...
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The Truth about Flashcards for Toddlers Who Don’t Yet Talk

The Truth about Flashcards for Toddlers Who Don’t Yet Talk I almost titled this post “Why Flashcards Don’t ...
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