Treating Trauma in Toddlers with Language Delays/Disorders

Last week I shared some information about Adverse Childhood Experiences or ACEs. If you missed that, read it here. To ...
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Protection Against Adverse Childhood Experiences

Last weekend I did some reading about Adverse Childhood Experiences or ACEs and I can't quit thinking about ...
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Is It Me? Tips for Clinical Problem Solving

One of the main questions parents send me at is... I am not seeing progress in my ...
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Not moving forward? Try taking a step back!

Not moving forward?  Try taking a step back! “I attended your course in St. Louis… I used the ...
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Questions about Late Talking

Questions about Late Talking   Here’s the most common question I receive at about late talking from moms and ...
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Book List for Making Books Better #415

In my podcast #415 Making Books Better for Toddlers with Language Delays, I demonstrated strategies for the following ...
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I Need A Plan!

As speech-language pathologists and parents, when a toddler is not talking yet, we rush in to try to ...
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It’s a Special Day at!

Today is a very special day. Our daughter, Macy, is graduating from the University of Kentucky with her ...
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ASHA CEU Course Teach

FREE Teach Me To Talk the DVD on YouTube

We have some exciting news! Today Johnny and I released our original DVD Teach Me To Talk on ...
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Perhaps You’ve Been Created for a Time Such as This

I know you're reading all kinds of things in the midst of this worldwide pandemic, so the fact ...
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Be Present… Always Your Best Strategy

Last night I was on a webinar for workers in my church's children's ministry, and the speaker said ...
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Go For Joy!

The lesson I'm reinforcing with myself over and over again since opening our new mission-based clinic in central ...
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When Is A Child Ready to Talk?

If you've followed my posts or podcasts over the last few years, you know that Johnny and I ...
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Do You Need REAL HELP?

Do you struggle to come up with what you should actually do during your time with a child ...
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Let’s Move!

This week's podcast is on the fourth prelinguistic skill from Let's Talk About Talking (on sale now for ...
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ASHA CEU Course #384

#384 Tips for Teaching Toddlers to Point

Podcast #384 Tips for Teaching Toddlers to Point ASHA course # 0384, Provider Code AAYF Pointing is such ...
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Jumping for Joy!

This week we've added our 9th new one-hour CE course and it's making me so happy... as you ...
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ASHA CEU Course Creating Verbal Routines for Late Talking Toddlers

Creating Verbal Routines for Late Talking Toddlers

Creating Verbal Routines for Late Talking Toddlers  ASHA course # 1001 Learning to talk during Verbal Routines is ...
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Characteristics that Differentiate Autism from Other Developmental Language Delays

As a speech-language pathologist or other early intervention therapist, is it difficult for you to determine which toddlers ...
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ASHA CEU Course #374

#374 Artic in Toddlers… To Treat or Not to Treat Intelligibility Issues in Toddlers

Guidelines for Determining  Developmental Readiness for Articulation Therapy in Toddlers How do you know when a toddler, especially ...
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ASHA CEU Course 370

#370 Red Flags for Delayed Communication Skills in Infants Toddlers

Not sure if your child has a language delay? In part one of this audio and video podcast, ...
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Universal Truths

Last week Johnny and I had an amazing experience I want to share with you.   The Watato ...
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Getting Back to the Floor!

I'm so excited to announce that Teach Me To Talk is opening a mission-driven speech therapy clinic in ...
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Teach Me To Play WITH You

Therapy Manual Combo Pack SPECIAL

I have a deal for you if you're a pediatric SLP (or a committed mom or dad)! When you ...
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