3 Major Cognitive Milestones and How They Relate to Language Development

If I asked you to name the three major cognitive milestones we see babies and toddlers acquire just before ...
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Teach Me To Play WITH You

Therapy Manual Combo Pack SPECIAL

I have a deal for you if you're a pediatric SLP (or a committed mom or dad)! When you ...
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Pat The Bunny… Using Books to Teach Toddlers to Follow Directions

One of my favorite little books that most parents remember from their own childhoods is Pat the Bunny. ...
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Tips for Teaching Prepositions/Location Words

Between 12 and 24 months a child with typically developing language learns to understand some early prepositions or location ...
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“He understands everything.” Missing Receptive Language Delays in Late Talkers

Delays in receptive language, or how a child understands words and follows directions, are often ignored or glossed ...
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Using Books to Teach Toddlers Language and Play… VIDEO from teachmetotalk.com

If you've picked up any parenting book or studied anything related to educating children for at least 5 ...
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Kissy Kissy! Teaching Toddlers Body Parts

Do you need a cute game for teaching toddlers' body parts?   Try this one... When you’re snuggling, ask, ...
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“This” and “That” Kids…Strategies for Reducing Non-Specific Vocabulary in Late Talkers

Reducing Non-Specific Vocabulary in Late Talkers Yesterday I received this email from an SLP who asked a question ...
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Receptive Language Delays… The MOST Overlooked Problem in Late Talkers

Have you ever wondered if a child is “just a late talker” or if there’s a larger problem? ...
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Cognitive Delay: What It Means for Language Development

#1 Factor Indicating that a Toddler’s Language Delay is “More Than Late Talking” Earlier this week I started ...
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