Great Books for Toddlers with Speech Language Delays (with Therapy Activities!)

Great Books for Toddlers with Speech Language Delays (with Therapy Activities!) This morning a mom who read my ...
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Tweaking Routines for Late Talkers Continued…

Yesterday I posted a lovely email I received from a mom about how much success she achieved in ...
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Sing…Sing a Song! How Singing Builds a Strong Foundation for Language in Babies and Toddlers

This spring I've been involved in standardizing a new test for infants and toddlers which means I've met ...
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Questions about Questions? Tips for Teaching a Toddler to Ask “What’s that?”

I love this question about questions! "I have a 25 month old. When he was 18 months he ...
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Listen and Obey

Early Receptive Language Targets… Learning to Follow Directions for Toddlers

Many times when a toddler isn't talking yet, it's because he doesn't understand language. If you haven't thought ...
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Listen and Obey

Receptive Language Delay in Toddlers… Advice for Parents

TREATING RECEPTIVE LANGUAGE DELAYS AT HOME FOR LATE TALKERS Many times during an initial assessment, when I ask ...
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Books Come to Life with Props

Have you noticed that many toddlers with receptive language delays don't enjoy reading books with another person? This ...
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Teaching Body Parts to Toddlers

Check out any milestone list for toddlers, and you'll see some variation of "knows body parts." Assessment tools ...
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Teach Me To Talk Therapy Manual

Pretend Play Speech Therapy…Therapy Tip of the Week 8.31.12

If you have a child who is "stuck" with expressive language progress, chances are, you need to step ...
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Using Books in Speech Therapy… Therapy Tip of the Week

Books can be a great tool for helping young children learn to talk. Almost every magazine article out ...
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