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Teaching Your Toddler to Answer Questions – Receptive and Expressive Language Delay Issues

Many toddlers with language delays have difficulty learning to answer questions. Common problems include: Repeating or the last ...
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Helping Your Toddler Listen and Obey – Improving Receptive Language Skills in Your Young Child

I have seen many parents and daycare teachers label toddlers as "difficult" or a behavior problem when the ...
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Why Can’t My Child Talk? Common Types of Speech and Language Disorders

Why Can’t My Child Talk… Common Types of Communication Delays There are between three and six million children ...
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Are My Child’s Language Skills Normal? Compare your child to the standards listed below.

Age Ranges Minimal Expectations (If your child cannot perform these skills by the end of the age range, ...
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Communication Basics

INFORMATION FOR PARENTS OF A TODDLER WITH LANGUAGE OR SPEECH DELAY As a pediatric speech-language pathologist, I often ...
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What Doesn’t Work – Unproductive Strategies For Helping Toddlers Learn To Talk

Here's what I've learned, the hard way unfortunately, about behaviors that do not help babies and toddlers learn ...
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What Works – Strategies That Help Toddlers Learn to Talk

Here's what I know after spending nearly 30 hours a week for the past 10 years in the ...
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