Draw A Hand Turkey… A Toddler Favorite!

One of my favorite Thanksgiving memories as a little girl was tracing my hand on paper to draw ...
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Easter Circle Time Activity

If you're working with small groups of toddlers and preschoolers, I'm sure you're always on the look out ...
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TONS of FUN for Less Than $5

Do you ever remember a therapy idea from years ago that you could kick yourself for forgetting??? That's ...
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Heart Shaped Lacing Boards for Toddlers

In planning therapy for the next few weeks, I'm thinking about a couple of my little friends who ...
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What’s In Your Sensory Table?

What do leaves, pumpkins, and feathers have in common? They've all been in my sensory table for the ...
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Finishing Up Fall

I've had a blast getting back on the floor this fall! My favorite fall activities have been... a ...
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Benefits of Social Games as a Therapy Strategy

Do you play games like Peek-a-Boo and Ring Around the Rosies in speech therapy sessions with toddlers? If you ...
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It’s Summer! Ridiculously Easy Ideas for Water Play for Toddlers

Is it as hot where you live today? It is here! To beat the heat, I want to give ...
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10 Great Ideas for Clear Plastic Tubes for Toddlers… Therapy Tip of the Week 5.28.18

In this video, I’m going to show you how to teach toddlers 10 different language skills using a ...
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Easter Egg Box for Toddlers

Activities for Toddlers for Easter I love using Easter eggs for all kinds of activities with toddlers. Here's ...
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“Ah Boom!” A Super Effective Social Game for Toddlers

I have a question for you… What are your top 3 ways to bring a child’s attention back ...
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Valentine’s Day Song for Toddlers

Do you have any cute Valentine's Day songs for toddlers? Here's my favorite... Sing it to the tune ...
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WINTER IDEAS FOR PAINTING with Toddlers Sometimes when I tell a parent we're going to paint in therapy ...
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CUTE Matching Mittens Game

Need a quick therapy activity to target higher level listening and attending skills with toddlers with cognitive strengths? ...
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Winter Clothes Game for Toddlers

I have a great winter time activity that can be adapted for a variety of children and settings. ...
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“I Need To Be More Lively!”

Many times, the most important FIRST STEP we need to take when we work with very young children ...
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Ideas for Using a Stuffed Santa, Bear, or Any Other Holiday Character

Do you ever need an idea for what you could do with a holiday character like Santa, reindeer, ...
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Using Books to Teach Toddlers Language and Play… VIDEO from teachmetotalk.com

If you've picked up any parenting book or studied anything related to educating children for at least 5 ...
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Christmas Therapy Tip of the Week

Christmas Speech Therapy Ideas for Toddlers It's time to start planning the therapy activities you'll use for your ...
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Christmas Sensory Boxes

Need a fun holiday therapy idea you can use with lots of different kids? Here are my best ...
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