Are you thinking about Christmas activities for therapy? I'll be sharing all of those activities this month here ...
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When a Toddler Doesn’t Play With Toys

Did your child gets lots of new toys for Christmas? Don't be too disappointed if he doesn't seem ...
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Sneaky Squirrel Board Game for Late Talkers

SNEAKY SQUIRREL GAME FOR LATE TALKERS I love this game year-round, but it’s especially fun in the fall! ...
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Board Games for Late Talking Toddlers

Board Games for Late Talking Toddlers Introducing board games with any toddler can be hard, and it’s even ...
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Build Joint Attention with Toys

Do you have a little late talker who has a hard time listening to you, paying attention, and staying with ...
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“First Sessions” Toy List for Toddlers in Speech Therapy from teachmetotalk.com

Both therapists and parents of late talkers email me at teachmetotalk.com to ask me a version of this ...
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Fall Therapy Ideas for Toddlers…Squirrels!

Squirrel Therapy Activities for Toddlers Can you believe it’s November already? You’ve probably used all of your standard ...
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Teach Me to Talk

“Discover The Best Approach To Teach Your Toddler To Talk”

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Ideas for Fine Motor and Cognitive Skills – Therapy Tip of the Week for 3.12.14

Therapy Tip of the Week is back!!! I'm so excited to share this darling idea for making ribbon ...
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5 Reasons to Use Simple, Homemade Activities with Toddlers

While I love toys as much (probably more!) as any SLP I know, I have also learned to ...
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Add Novelty to Expand Play and Reduce Boredom!

Are you "stuck" with a child who only wants to play with the same toy in the same ...
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Books Come to Life with Props

Have you noticed that many toddlers with receptive language delays don't enjoy reading books with another person? This ...
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Play Ideas for Kids Who Don’t Like Toys

Do you have any kids you're seeing who don't seem to like ANYTHING you plan for therapy? Are ...
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Toy Rotation

Are you drowning in the sea of all the junk, I mean, presents your kids received for Christmas? ...
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Great Toys and Games from Play On Words!

On Monday, September 23, 2013, SLP Sherry Artemenko joined me for the podcast and talked about GREAT toys ...
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Best Toys & Techniques for Targeting Language in Toddlers with Speech Delay

BEST TOYS FOR SPEECH THERAPY WITH TODDLERS who are LATE TALKERS I'm re-publishing a list of toys I ...
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“Teach Me To Play WITH You”

I'm so excited to share a wonderful resource to teach toddlers to connect with you during play! Teach ...
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Let’s Play – “Teach Me To Talk with Laura and Kate” for January 22, 2009

Join me this week for Teach Me To Talk with Laura and Kate on Thursday, January 22 at ...
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Let’s Play! Recommended Toys for Toddlers with Language Delays

Join me this week for Teach Me To Talk with Laura and Kate on Thursday, January 8 at ...
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Social Games for Babies and Toddlers

I have received lots of questions lately from mothers of babies who have older siblings with language problems. ...
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Ditch the Bells, Whistles, Flashing Lights, DVDs, & ABCs! Choosing Toys for Babies and Toddlers

As a pediatric speech-language pathologist, I am constantly on a quest for new toys to "WOW" my little ...
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