Structured Teaching Activities for Christmas for Toddlers…FREE ONE HOUR CE COURSE

Structured Teaching Activities for Christmas for Toddlers...FREE ONE HOUR CE COURSE

FREE ONE HOUR CE COURSE for Birth to 3 Therapists! No fee and generate your certificate immediately!

Have you wanted to try out our new $5 CE courses, but haven’t done it yet? Let me help you see how EASY this is with two videos that are free. You’ll get to “test drive” the process.

Providing new, interesting, and developmentally-appropriate activities are important ways to keep therapy sessions fresh and hold a young child’s attention. At this time of year, this can be easily accomplished by incorporating holiday-related activities into your own therapy routines. If you’d like for me to do the planning for you for lots of different children for practically the entire month, I have 2 fantastic projects that will provide lots of FUN speech therapy ideas for Christmas for toddlers at different developmental levels.

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Structured Teaching Activities for Christmas for Toddlers...FREE ONE HOUR CE COURSE Course Description

ASHA FILING is not available for this course, but you can still immediately generate a certificate to use for ASHA maintenance, licensure, or credentialing.

This 53-minute video is designed to teach 12 simple cognitive activities or “tasks” to toddlers and young children to help them learn to attend, participate, and finish an entire task through early structured learning opportunities.

Because this is a Christmas series, we’re using the 12 Days of Christmas for inspiration. You’ll see 12 different activities you can easily develop to use with your little clients if you’re a therapist or your own child if you’re a parent.

This material is ideal for committed parents, therapists, and other professionals who work with young children with language and other developmental delays.

In addition to the 53-minute video, you’ll receive a 14 page written summary with a list of easily obtainable materials, set up directions, and detailed instructions for making these activities productive learning opportunities for both the child and you!

If you’re a therapist, the activities are written in an easy-to-follow “homework” format, perfect for providing parents for education and suggestions for home practice.

Troubleshooting tips are included in case a child is having difficulty learning or completing the task.

Don’t spend hours searching the internet for ideas that might work for helping toddlers with significant delays learn to complete early learning tasks. The activities and instructions are right here! Lots of mommy bloggers have written cute ideas on their websites or on Pinterest for similar activities, but many times the directions for introducing and carrying out the tasks are not specified. The activities certainly aren’t modified for toddlers and young preschoolers with developmental delays. This video will make these activities applicable for ALL young children.

So many of our little friends with language delays have a hard time paying attention, participating in therapy activities and completing an entire task, even when it’s playing with a toy. By beginning to work with these kinds of kids with short, simple cognitive activities, we’ll help these toddlers build attention and learn to complete an entire activity start to finish.

When we use activities that are highly visual, rather than language-based, we’ll also be playing to a child’s strengths rather than his weaknesses.

This is the starting point for therapy for many children with autism. You’ll get better initial participation with these activities than with anything else you may try. You’ll also be establishing great activities for a home therapy program.

Typically developing toddlers also love these activities. By introducing these tasks in a structured way, we’re helping ALL children learn important cognitive concepts which will lay the foundation for early academic skills and for learning the language. In all of the activities you’ll also be targeting fine motor and motor planning skills, so our colleagues who are OTs love these ideas too.

For more background information about why these tasks are used in therapy, take a look at the Resources and References page at the end of the written therapy guide.

As a therapist, you can make many of these things this year and then save them to use every December for the rest of your career. Once you learn the basic premise for developing these activities, you’ll also be able to take the ideas and design your own activities to use throughout the year.

As a parent, you will be able to make these activities yourself to do with your own child during your 1:1 time at home. Many children can learn to be independent of these activities. Eventually, you can bring these games out when you need your child to be able to play on his own for a few minutes.

Many therapy programs for children with autism such as TEACCH and preschool methodologies such as Montessori and Reggio Emilia programs use these kinds of tasks to teach a child to become independent during learning activities. However, adult intervention is absolutely essential at the beginning to help a toddler with developmental delays learn what to do and be able to get through an entire task. All of the instructions for teaching young children are provided at an introductory level in the video and in the written therapy guide. Strategies are also included for helping move a child toward independent use of the task over time.

Suggestions for adapting these materials to use throughout the year are listed for all 12 activities.

Learning Objectives

Design at least 5 developmentally-appropriate structured teaching activities for toddlers to target attention, participation, and task completion.

Therapists…ASHA Credit not available, but you will receive a certificate of completion.

Course Director

Laura Mize, M. S., CCC-SLP, is a pediatric speech-language pathologist specializing in young children ages birth to four with communication delays and disorders in her private practice in Stanford, Kentucky. She earned a B.S. from Mississippi University for Women and an M.S. in Speech-Language Pathology from The University of Southern Mississippi. Laura holds her Certificate of Clinical Competence from ASHA. She authors the website hosts her popular YouTube channel and publishes weekly audio and video weekly podcast Teach Me To Talk: The Podcast. Laura produced a series of training DVDs for parents and professionals who work with children with developmental speech-language delays and disorders. Her best-selling DVDs and therapy manuals are used by pediatric therapists and speech-language pathologists in private practice, early intervention programs, grad schools, preschool programs, and continuing education conferences throughout the USA, Canada, South Africa, The Philippines, Hong Kong, Singapore, Israel, Australia, India, Zambia, Greece, and the UK.


Financial - Laura Mize owns and The Laura Mize Group and therefore receives a salary, compensation for speaking, and royalties from product sales and also receives revenue from the YouTube Partners Program.

Nonfinancial - Laura Mize has no other financial or nonfinancial relationships with any author, publisher, or SLP whose work she recommends in this course.

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Structured Teaching Activities for Christmas for Toddlers…FREE ONE HOUR CE COURSE

ASHA CEU Credits

ASHA CEU Credits are not available for this course.

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