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Teach Me To Talk DVDTeach Me to Talk

If you’ve been struggling to help a late talker learn to communicate, there’s no need to wait another day to hear those precious words. Order Teach Me To Talk today, and you’ll be on your way to a healthier, happier relationship with your child tomorrow.



Teach Me To Talk with Apraxia and Phonological Disorders (2 DVD Set)Teach Me To Talk with Apraxia and Phonological Disorders

If you’re having difficulty understanding what your young child is saying to you, this 3 hour DVD set will teach you step-by-step techniques to help your child learn to use speech you can understand. This will be invaluable information for parents with children who have been newly diagnosed with a speech delay or disorder including apraxia and phonological disorders.



Teach Me To Listen and ObeyTeach Me To Listen and Obey 1 and Teach Me to Listen and Obey 2 (2 DVD Set)

This DVD Series Set for helping young children learn to understand language. A child must understand words before we expect him to talk, and certainly before we expect him to obey. Many parents and teachers label a young child as “difficult” or as a behavior problem when the real problem is he or she doesn’t understand and process language as well as other children his age.

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