#350 Effective Strategies for Toddlers with Expressive Language Delays

In this podcast, we're discussing my best strategies for working with toddlers with expressive language delays. When there ...
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#333 Follow Up Show for a Busy, Busy Little Guy

In this week's podcast, we're following up with Madelyn, an SLP from show #325. She gives us an ...
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#303 This Kid Doesn’t Play! Solutions for Common Problems

In this week's show, we're beginning a series for discussing and SOLVING familiar problems we see when playing ...
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#298 Selecting Therapy Activities for Toddlers Part 4 – Vocabulary Building Toys

In today's show, we continue the series Selecting Therapy Activities for toddlers and preschoolers with language delays. Remember ...
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#288…11 Skills Toddlers MUST Use Before Words Emerge…#10 Initiates with Others

HELP A LATE TALKER LEARN TO INITIATE WITH OTHERS We're continuing our series with the 11 skills toddlers ...
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#286 – 11 Skills Toddlers Use Before Words Emerge – #8 Vocalizes Purposefully

HELP A LATE TALKER LEARN TO VOCALIZE We're continuing our series with the 11 skills toddlers must master ...
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#280 Skills Toddlers Must Use Before Words Emerge – # 3 Building Attention

In the sixth show in my series 11 Skills Toddlers Must Use BEFORE Words Emerge, we'll be talking ...
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#275 Skills a Toddler MUST Use BEFORE Words Emerge – Show 1 of New Series

Hey, Hey!! It's a new year AND a new series of podcasts - particularly to help parents of ...
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#261 When No One Diagnosis Fits… How to Treat Toddlers Without a Diagnosis

In this week's show, I discussed a mom's question about her little boy. His evaluators describe him as ...
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#255 Goal Writing, Fatigue during Therapy, The Power of Distraction… all topics on this week’s show!

I almost buried the lead in my title! In this show I spent LOTS of time talking about ...
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#253 Witnessing the Onset of Autism and Treating Jargon

Join pediatric speech-language pathologist Laura Mize, M.S., CCC-SLP of teachmetotalk.com as she answers questions from 2 different therapists ...
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#248 What Works To Help a Toddler Learn To Talk… Part 2

The podcast is FINALLY back!! I am happy to be WELL and no longer coughing (for the most ...
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Be the Toy Part 2

Do you know a child who becomes so obsessed with a toy bag that he doesn't include you ...
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In this week's podcast I answered this question I received from an SLP: "I have started looking through ...
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