Working With a Child at Home?

Working with your own child at home can be tough… especially in this continued season of uncertainty!

My name is Laura Mize and I’m a speech-language pathologist who specializes in teaching parents and professionals what they can do to help very young children with speech-language delays make real progress. My website is and it’s filled with ideas for you!

You do not have to do this alone or without a real plan! 

The very best tools I can offer you are written step-by-step instructions for fun activities toddlers and preschoolers love, and most of all, practical strategies that work!  You’ll get better ideas to use to help your child the day you begin. I don’t know if you’re like this, but for me, getting started is always the hardest part. I can make this easier for you, I promise!

If you struggle to come up with what you should actually do during your time with a child who isn’t talking or if it’s frustrating for you to work with a toddler or preschooler with language delays, read the product suggestions to get an idea of what’s going on and the best resource to address your specific needs.

If a toddler has inconsistent or limited eye contact, avoids other people, does not listen, or has a super short attention span, choose Teach Me To Play WITH You. This therapy manual is written primarily for parents who are beginning to work with a very young child who is not yet talking. I’ve included step-by-step instructions for simple games and songs and even play routines with familiar toys like balls, bubbles, and cars. To make sure you’re successful, I’ll even show you how to troubleshoot. The last chapter explains approximately 20 different common problems that interfere with a child’s ability to learn to talk and play. You’ll receive lots of ideas for handling those challenges so that a child begins to make progress and teaching him becomes fun for both of you.

If a child doesn’t imitate or copy your words, but understands and follows directions, start with this book. Read the chart and know exactly where to begin to teach a child to talk! In Building Verbal Imitation in Toddlers you’ll walk through the 8 levels of teaching a late talker to learn to imitate words. Many times, parents and therapists don’t see success with late talking toddlers because the adult isn’t working on the right things. The child actually needs to learn several “in between” steps before he’s ready to begin to imitate words and learn to talk. This simple, straight-forward approach is evidence-based and easy for both parents and therapists to understand and implement during familiar play-based activities and daily routines. Parents regularly tell me how well “the chart” has worked for them.

If the child you’re working with does not talk at all, has said only a few words but rarely imitates, doesn’t consistently follow instructions, or may not fit any “pattern” you’ve read about, taking a look at his prelinguistic skills – or the things that come before we hear words- can be a game changer for you! You can on keep struggling, or you can figure out what you’re not doing yet which could make all the difference! Let’s Talk About Talking is a HUGE resource reviewing the 11 skills that a child must master before he learns to communicate. This is truly the “encyclopedia” of working with toddlers with language delays for any reason. Get this comprehensive resource today and start figuring out what’s missing! While it is pricey, I promise, it’s the piece that makes all the difference for kids who have not made much progress with speech.

If a child has any kind of language delay, Here’s a great resource.. it covers everything!  Teach Me To Talk: The Therapy Manual is written specifically for speech-language pathologists and other early intervention professionals who work with young children birth to 4 with receptive and expressive language delays and disorders. Because this project was written for professionals, it may not be as family-friendly as other products, but many committed mothers and fathers report that this manual gave them more direction and specific instructions for what to work on at home than any other resource they’ve used. This manual is especially helpful for goal writing and for designing fun and developmentally-appropriate treatment activities for toddlers and young children functioning from the 6-9 month developmental level up to the 48 month developmental level. It’s the ultimate “how to” tool for working with infants and toddlers with language delays.

If your child is talking, but is extremely difficult to understand, he needs help getting the right sounds in the right places! FUNctional Phonology  is filled with practical information to help you address speech intelligibility in toddlers. You can’t address a toddler or preschooler’s speech with methods recommended for older kids without some tweaks! Let me show you how to modify what you do so that you can be more effective. If you’re a parent and aren’t sure HOW to cue a child to change the way he pronounces words, then this therapy manual is definitely for you!

Worried about autism? The Autism Workbook is my newest therapy manual written specifically for working with children who have red flags for autism – whether autism has been diagnosed officially or not. If you’re a parent or pediatric therapist or teacher and treating autism is hard for you (like it is for all of us!), I can help make it easier because your plan is practically written.

If you’re a parent doing lots of therapy without consistent professional assistance, or you’re simply looking for lots and lots of ideas, order the entire set of therapy manuals to build your own library and have strategies at your fingertips at a moment’s notice. The ideas in these manuals are how I still plan therapy for my own personal caseload every single day. It’s the best money you’ll spend on getting yourself the “readiest” you can be! We offer a couple of variations for sets.

Therapy Manual Combo Pack Special

Therapy Manual Combo Pack Plus 


If you’re more of a watcher than a reader, I have a whole line of videos on YouTube for FREE that you can start to watch today to give you more ideas to work with your child. The best one to start with is my first DVD Teach Me To Talk. You’ll see therapy sessions with my little friends and learn how to do this with your own child.


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Working with little ones with language delays can be challenging, but with the right tools, I know you can do it!