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I’m so excited to share a wonderful resource to teach toddlers to connect with you during play!

Teach Me To Play WITH You: Easy Games, Songs, and Play Activities to Teach Social Interaction to Toddlers and Young Preschoolers with Language Delays is a therapy guide for parents and professionals who work with young children with social and communication delays.

This 190-page manual is filled with simple routines, songs, and games designed to inspire adults to interact with children in ways to motivate them to play WITH you. It’s a book of ideas to get you started so that you’ll know what to do when you play with a child who has difficulty staying with you and paying attention or with a child who seems bored and aloof most of the time.

This is a highly successful beginning treatment approach for toddlers with who are at risk for or who have already been diagnosed with autism spectrum disorders.

Chapter 1 is an introduction for parents explaining why social interaction is the foundation for language development. A child who isn’t interested in being with or communicating with other people for most of any given day isn’t developmentally ready to understand and use words. All communication begins with being social. Once a child learns to love being with you, he forms the foundation necessary to help him understand and use language. You’ll learn how to interact with him so that he’ll learn to interact with you.

Chapter 2 is the Easiest Beginner Routines and includes step-by-step instructions for 22 fun play routines. Young children with social and language delays best learn how to interact with others during the structure of a game. On each page you’ll find:

  • The name of the game
  • Materials required (if any)
  • Description of a child’s preferences to help you decide if this game is a good match for your child
  • Detailed instructions in How to Play
  • Key words and sounds YOU should say when playing to elicit a child’s first word attempts
  • List of child’s goals so that you’ll know what responses to shoot for, how to help your child move to a more advanced response, and how to measure progress
  • Problem-solving tips specific to each game
  • Ideas for expanding the game and new games to try when he’s mastered the first one

In Chapter 3 Early Toys you’ll find ideas for play with children who may not be interested in toys. Most of these games are with toys you probably have at home. Some aren’t toys at all, but household items you likely already own. These are my go-to-games when I need to get a child’s attention in the beginning sessions when he’s not with me yet. At the end of the chapter, I list toys I use every day in speech therapy.

Chapter 4 contains words and instructions for 33 Fingerplays and Songs I use in play with toddlers and young children. As in the previous chapters, you’ll find a section for Child’s Goals and ways to expand the game into your daily lives.

Finally, in chapter 5, Solutions for Problems during Play, you’ll find suggestions for new things to try when what you’re doing isn’t working. Problems include:

Places toys in mouth

Avoids interaction with people

Doesn’t like toys

Lines up toys rather than playing

Holds toys instead of playing

Repeatedly pushes buttons

Prefers TV/videos to people and toys

Sensitive to touch and sound

Uses parent’s hands to operate toys

Odd, repetitive, or self-stimulatory behavior

Throws toys

Constant motion

Short attention span


Tantrums and meltdowns

Difficulty with transitions

Doesn’t like to share or take turns

Lost in own words instead of playing or listening (using jargon or echolalia)

Chapter 6 includes my list of references and recommended reading for parents.

This is a great parent training tool! SLPs and other therapists in early intervention programs will love how this book is organized in a format with activity pages that can be easily copied for distribution to parents.

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  1. Laura on July 9, 2010 at 4:17 pm

    I have purchased all your DVDs and have found them to be so helpful. I was so excited to get your book Teach me to Play WITH You! in the mail. My son is 23 months old and has been diagnosed with mild autism and suspected apraxia. He is my third child with apraxia and my second with autism. I’ve read MANY books, but I think yours is probably going to be the most helpful. The format makes it easy to copy and have my ABA therapists implement with my baby. We are having such a problem with imitation and your book is helping us to back up and do the motor action in a fun way (through song) that will increase joint attention and improve imitation. I love your products…they have really helped me alot! I think this book is going to be my favorite!

    Elizabeth Wright
    Myrtle Beach SC

  2. Laura on July 19, 2010 at 7:51 am

    EMAIL FROM A MOM I RECEIVED TODAY: I have a 2.5yr old son with ASD and found your book Teach Me To Play WITH You filled with a number of ideas that I plan on trying out. I wish I had this when we first found out about his ASD diagnosis. I have read other books on improving social interaction the didn’t fit well with my son. The ASD books had activities that required language beyond his ability or the speech books didn’t address his lack of focus/attention. This was the perfect combination for my son who has very limited play skills. I also found the solutions for problems during play very helpful. I really like the format and how you’ve described ways to expand each of the activities.


  3. Laura on July 19, 2010 at 7:52 am

    I LOVE to hear from parents! Thanks so much Beth and Ly for the very positive feedback on my new book Teach Me To Play WITH You. I wish you both continued success as you work with your children!

  4. AM on September 5, 2010 at 10:13 pm


    I love your book Teach Me To Play With You! This book is full of simple ways to interact with you child that work! I am amazed at all of the games that can and need to be played without toys. The tips for how to overcome problems during play are priceless! My son is becoming more social everyday.

    Thank you!

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